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suni moon

Treat yourself well!- self-care online workshop

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Treat yourself well!!!    

Some people think that the best self-care comes from the pros. But truth is self-care should be part of your daily routine. Visits to your favorite professional is wonderful but life's stressors come after us every day. Learn some easy self-care practices from a professional and feel better, empowered and maybe even a bit happier.  😉

Join Suni Moon online for a fun workshop. You'll learn about
• mindfulness            • self-massage            • acupressure             breath work
• aromatherapy          • sound therapy          • guided meditation

The class runs about 4.5 hours and is divided into chapters by topic so today you might explore mindfulness, tomorrow self-massage. A totally self-paced workshop, all online for your convenience.

You'll also receive a handout that serves as a reference later reminding you of details as you practice these powerful techniques.

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