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suni moon

Sound bath- online experience

$ 5.00

A sound bath is an opportunity for all your body, mind and spirit to be immersed in vibration and rhythms. These energies and frequencies can shift your energy- lifting you up, calming you, healing... as needed. 

I prefer to play for you in person but have learned over the years of doing this work that my intention and your intention in the experience is much more important than time and space. 

So I give you a sound bath. The event is a bit over an hour. In that time, I play Tibetan bowls, chimes, rainstick, voice and crystal bowls. Somewhere in the middle, I shift to healing drumming, offering some simple elemental rhythms, then moving into shamanic drumming, giving you time for a journey within. At the end, the crystal bowls call you back to the present.

Pay what you wish. The sound bath is on youtube at

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