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suni moon

Candlelight yoga with sound

$ 25.00

Picture this. A evening slow yoga class, candlelight, soft music... almost sounds romantic, eh? Well, it's sort of a sweet date with yourself or with friends. I teach Thoughtful yoga- which begins with meditation, then breath work, then a slow asana practice as beneficial for the nervous system as for the muscles. We then have a long savasana, starting with more conscious breathing, then float away with sound therapy of singing bowls, chimes, bells and voice. 

Next class is June 26, 7pm. Class size limited to 10, although our room will accommodate 14+ with social distancing. Workshop cost is $25.

Classes are at 405 Wellness, 405 #rd St NE, Canton OH. For now, come in the double doors on 3rd St. One of the outer doors is open but someone must open the inner doors for you. 

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