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Suni Moon

Suni Moon, a versatile artist whose resume includes success as a graphic designer and mechanical engineer. Today, her art focus includes paintings which calm, center, ground, energize and inspire you.

Suni also enjoys success as a healer, sound therapist, yoga instructor, teacher and author. For more info on this other work, visit Suni has an office in 405 Wellness in downtown Canton Ohio where she sees clients by appt only. . 

In case the name isn't familiar, she was previously known as (the artist previously known as? 😉) Su Nimon.

"As a visual artist, my goal is to inspire and enrich. If you can imagine the feeling of riding your bike for the first time... I want my painting to bring back that feeling of freedom, or of feeling loved... or of peace, inspiration or encouragement.

The Japanese have a term Kotodama (word spirit/soul) that refers to a belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names. I like to believe that mystical powers lie in visual art-- meaning that if people gaze on an image that uplifts them, inspires or even just amuses them on a daily basis... then their life is changed for the better. It's like an instantaneous sort of meditation practice. So surround yourself with things that make you happy, or take you to where you want to be... and in time you'll find that you will have more happiness, more dreams coming true in your life..

My goal is to create those images that elicit a positive response which can inspire, encourage or remind you that you are loved.

I grew up in Ohio. I've lived many other places, but I find myself back home now. I'm never sure where my art or my life will take me next... but I always seek to find and savor the joy of the journey. "
Peace, suni