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We're back

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After a busy and refreshing month off, the new combined studio space is OPEN! We unveiled the new setup on February's First Friday and are so grateful for all the friends who have stopped in since. Our new hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-6pm. We might be working there at other times but you can count on the doors being open to you on those days. We're glad to make an appointment to meet you there at a time convenient to you. Just contact us.

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Buy original

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Journey Art Gallery brings you that one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Really? Well, yes, because in our store, most of the items you see are original creations from the artists' hands. Original work is very different from manufactured or mass-produced work. Each piece carries the creative energy of the artist and their message. When you buy originals you are supporting each individual artist's life... you're buying their supplies, supporting their families and fulfilling dreams. Original art isn't much more expensive than manufactured or "designer" goods. The difference is that each piece is unique- made with skill and love.  What more could you...

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