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So now what?

Judi Krew and I closed our studio/store in downtown Canton a month ago! Wow, how time flies. So what's been going on in the meantime. 
Judi is working hard on new fashion in her Hoard Couture line. She's also putting plans in motion to have all that work in her online store,   Visit it and get you can be notified when the store is up and running. Wishing you the best, Judi!!

Now as for me... I've been really busy also. First, imagine moving all the merchandise and furnishings from the store into my little home. Yeah, well... lots of boxes and piles everywhere. I'm working thru it all trying to get organized and lightening the load daily. Between the boxes, I have taken the time to get my Journey Studios store online. I decided the most effective way to do this is to put paintings, prints and fashion all on one site. So if you're looking for me and my work, visit

Paintings are mostly online and up to date. Fashion is the next to be added. My older pieces and work from the other fashion designers we had at the store are online now at some amazing sale prices. We hope you'll visit the store soon and if you see a garment you love, buy it... as many are one-of-a-kind and we won't be restocking. 

So there's the facts. From a "feeling" perspective, I'm just so grateful. I'm grateful for having had the experience with the gallery/open studio / store. I learned so much and met so many great people. And now I'm grateful to have the time to move on. Once the store is complete, then I start the adventure of learning how to effectively market it. I'll spend the fall doing that and making fun stuff. I'm planning to spend January in Costa Rica painting. When I get back, then I'll do a big launch and promotion for the new online store. 

Until then... see you here and on social media. Miss seeing you in person but having a great time with the new plans. 
Peace, love
su ni

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