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Downtown Canton Sidewalk Sale

While any day is good to shop, this Saturday is a special day for Downtown Canton retailers to roll out the deals and break out the bargains. Come shop Saturday, August 27 from 10-4pm. The following retailers are joining the fun.

• Arrowhead Downtown 534 Cleveland Ave NW  
• Avenue Marketplace Arts and Theatre ( was 2nd April) 324 Cleveland Ave NW  
• Cantonology 306 4th St NW  
• Colette’s Vintage 207 6th St NW  
• IKON Images Gallery 221 5th St NW  
• Lynda Tuttle’s Art Center 209 6th St NW  
• Modern Ritual 326 Cleveland Ave NW  
• Only the Essentials Apothecary 340 4th St NW  
• Print & Press 429 4th St NW  
• Snarky Art & Journey Studios 431 4th St NW  

We know you might also need   
• Arcadia Grille 321 Court Ave NW  
• Carpe Diem Coffee 215 Market Ave N  
• Cultured Coffee & Waffles 309 Cleveland Ave NW  
• Deli Ohio 328 Walnut Ave NE  

Maps available online.

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