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Fine art shows you larger paintings. LoveNotes are mostly smaller pieces, still original work but under $100. Wearables are original fashions, some by me and some by others. Prints and more takes you to one of my partner company's who will reproduce my original work on paper, canvas, t-shirts, totes, notecards and more. Hopefully with these options you can find the art you want in the size and price that suits you. 
June 2, 6-9pm, Justice & Architecture opens at Saxton Gallery of Photography, 520 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton. Show of David Dingwell's photography and some of my work created from his photographs all honoring courthouses of Ohio, featuring the Stark County Courthouse during its bicentennial celebration.
Journey Studios is the online showroom for Su Nimon. Su is an abstract painter with an expressive style. She also creates original designer fashions with hand-dyed and painted fabrics.

A bit from su:
"In my work as an artist and fashion designer... I try to always find the path that will bring light and delight.

You'll find my paintings to be simple and filled with positive energy.  If you can imagine the feeling of riding your bike for the first time... I want my work to bring back that feeling of freedom, or of feeling loved... or of peace, inspiration or encouragement. My paintings are intended to uplift, inspire or amuse. Surrounding yourself with beauty and joy creates more of the same in your life.

I follow the same path in fashion... creating garments that are simple and easy, yet unique and fun. I utilized natural fabrics which I hand-dye and or paint, then sew into wearable art fashion that will make you feel comfy and beautiful. 

I'm never sure where my art or my life will take me next... but I always seek to find and savor the joy of the journey."

su ni

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